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Aviation Design: Aircraft Seating with Recaro

You’re walking down the aisle to your seat. You sink down into the plush cushion. Have you ever thought about what goes into selecting the best aircraft seating? Then you have to learn about Recaro and how they contribute to Aviation Design. Recaro is also known for their race car seating.

We can’t talk about Aviation Design without thinking about the seating. Good seating makes such a difference on a long haul flight or even a short haul. Premium airlines look to Recaro when selecting the seating for their aircraft. They even offer features such as antibacterial choices, such as in the seats below.


We’re not just talking about the actual seat cushion and the armrest. We’re talking about new advances in aviation technology. Recaro has designed seats that give you more legroom when the airplane has less passengers. It’s called the Flex Seat and I like the sound of it.

The economy seats below bear the Singapore Airlines logo. Singapore Airlines is known for luxury. So we can understand why they chose Recaro seating for their economy cabin seats.


Look at these business class seats below. Imagine sleeping comfortably on a plane and leaving all your cares behind. You want to choose an airline that’s going to have aircraft seating that makes you forget that you’re actually on an airplane. Look at the wood details and the fabric choices.


The design of the aircraft seating is all part of the experience. This is one of my favorite things to blog about. It’s when travel and design meet.

All images courtesy of ©RECARO Aircraft Seating.

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