Travel Scavenger Hunt

Travel Scavenger Hunt

So many travel destinations have popular landmarks. Can you guess a destination by a single image? Let’s see how you do.

The first country lies within the continent of Africa. It’s found on the eastern coast and is known for its rich spices and beautiful architecture.

We now find ourselves in Europe (below). This country is known for its food and wine. I talked about it in detail in my New York Times Travel Show post. It was featured in the “Focus on Europe” conference.

Image by Lucas Miguel

We step over into Asia to tour a famous temple that was hidden in dense jungle for many years. Do you have any ideas?

Image by Giulia Brochetto

The image below is of another country in Asia. Do these striking colors ring a bell? This country was once a British colony.

Image by Zhu Hongzhi

The beautiful muted colors of this apartment building have been seen a lot on Instagram lately. Do you know where it is located?

Image by Rids

This building is part of the Pink City. What country is it located in?

Image by Annie Spratt

Take a guess and see how many countries you can name. I will be posting the answers on Instagram on Wednesday.

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