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Save for a Big Trip: How to Motivate Yourself

No matter how much money you make, if you don’t save, you’ll always feel that you can’t afford to travel. Let’s change that. I’ll show you little ways that can motivate you to save.

Travel Savings Tip # 1 Look at purchases in number of plane tickets

You’re probably scratching your head. You just broke your phone and you want to buy a new one. The phone you really want is $1,000.00. For a thousand dollars you can go to many places in Europe, Asia and more. If you travel to somewhere closer, you can go on more than one trip.

That $1,000.00 phone doesn’t look as desirable anymore. Can you work with a $500.00 phone, knowing that you will be able to take a cross country trip from New York to L.A? I think so!

Travel Savings Tip #2 Walk around the Luggage Section at your favorite department store

I don’t know anyone who owns more suitcases than me. My family thinks I have an obsession. Nothing gets a person more excited about traveling than trying out new suitcases.

This will discourage you from buying too many other things in the rest of the store. You will start to envision how much nicer it will be to shop in a foreign city.

Travel Savings Tip #3 Scroll Instagram for Travel Inspiration

Look at the different places you can go. Imagine yourself in those pictures. Everytime you scroll down Instagram looking at products to buy, remember to imagine yourself in the places you’d like to visit instead.


You will save money when you decide to focus on places instead of products. It’s all about priorities. Looking at priorities is my next tip.

Travel Savings Tip #4 Think About Your Your Priorities

Many people have the funds to travel. Not all do, but many. Those who do may assume they cannot. Is travel something you would like to do in the future, at some point, when you have enough money? Or is it something that you will prioritize and make a goal?

There is a saying that goals without dates are only dreams. Is travel a dream or a goal for you? Deciding that traveling is a goal and not a dream will motivate you to save. This leads to my next tip.

Travel Savings Tip #5 Record Your Spending for One Week

Write down every little purchase you make in a week. Use a notebook and pen. Or you can use your phone. You can do this exercise for a month even, if you have the discipline.

When you look back, what things did you purchase most? What were the things you could live without? In the upcoming week, try transferring the money from nonessential purchases into a savings account. Watch how quickly it adds up. Setting up automatic transfers into a separate travel savings account is another great way to save.

Were any of these tips helpful? Were you able to stay motivated to save for a future trip?

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