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Photography: My Top 3 Tips for Beginners

Camera manuals and photography how-to videos can be very overwhelming . What are the most important things when you are just starting out? I can think of three things that really stand out to me.

Aperture in Photography

In photography, the aperture is the amount of light you are letting into the lense of the camera. There are places that have limited natural light. You will need to adjust the aperture to let in the needed amount of light. Aperture is measured by F-numbers, such f/22, f/16, etc. Larger numbers mean less light entering and smaller numbers mean more light entering. It seems backwards at first, through you’ll get the hang of it.

Photograph Composition

A good composition takes average photography and turns it into images that are really unique and interesting to look at. Look at the images below. Which one has the more interesting composition? Both show people walking through a deli. The one on the left, however, has a better use of negative and positive space.

Anyone can take a picture of a location. The best photography makes you feel a part of the image. Think about how the objects in your photo will be composed in the shot. Try to capture all the objects in a unique way.

Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed in photography, is the length of time the light is allowed to enter into the camera. Capture action shots with a very fast shutter speed. Slow shutter speed allows you to capture night photos that look as if the lights are dancing.

Keep learning your camera. Don’t wait until you go on vacation or have a project to start using your camera. Practice photography at home. Practice anywhere. That’s the only way you’ll get better.

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