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My Top Spring Travel Essentials

Spring is a great time time to travel. Warm destinations are not piping hot (like Dubai, above) or crowded with summer tourists. I gave my suggestions for unique Spring Break destinations in a recent post. Now it’s time sto share my spring travel essentials for the perfect trip.

Spring Layers

Spring weather can be extremely unpredictable. One day it’s 60 degrees and the next it’s in the low 40s. You need to be prepared for these changes. Pack items you can layer to prepare you for any kind of weather. I prefer to layer my outfits with cardigans and wraps.

Neutral colors will allow you the most flexibility. Long sleeve t-shirts are also a good idea. Roll up the sleeves for when the weather magically becomes warmer.

Lightweight Jacket

This type of jacket is perfect for spring weather. You’re not too cool and not too warm. You are able to adjust to the changes in weather. Ones that have a good amount of hidden pockets are an added bonus. I also prefer lightweight jackets that have hoods. That brings me to my next essential.

Umbrella for Spring Showers

An umbrella is perfect for those surprise April showers. Choose one that is small and lightweight. A bright color will keep you from leaving it behind somewhere. Don’t travel with a very expensive one either, just in case it does get left behind or you close it in a car door (true story).

Sun Protection

You need sun protection way before summer starts. Pack sunscreen that has a high level of SPF. I recommend using one with an SPF of at least 15. Using makeup that includes sunscreen already in it is also a great idea. Don’t forget about sunglasses. A packable hat is also always a good idea.

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Tote Bag

A tote bag is great for when you want to carry extra items. Think about using it to carry that lightweight jacket and umbrella we just talked about.


Tote bags with built in dividers allow you to organize all your essentials. If the tote bag doesn’t have dividers built in, use a tote bag organizer.

These are just some of my perfect Spring travel essentials. Maybe I’ll do a summer version soon.



  1. Canadian springs are much the same… unpredictable! Yesterday we had three extreme conditions within an hour! Good idea to plan well If you’re heading north of the border. Umbrella, a must. Good reminders, Kelcy. I always somehow forget my hat…


  2. Good reminders Kelcy…
    Especially if you’re traveling to places like Atlanta…the weather is almost “always” unpredictable…
    The saying is ‘just wait a minute…it will change’ … one day 80 the next day 30…(true story)

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