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Touring Grand Central Terminal

I’m always rushing somewhere. That’s just part of my DNA, for better or for worse. I recently got the chance to slow down and explore more of Grand Central Terminal (Station) in Manhattan, New York. I wasn’t racing to catch a train and had time to just wander. Come with me. If you get lost on the way, use the terminal map.


Lexington Passage

This is a hallway filled with lots of different shops. There are a few familiar brands such as L’Occitane, Moleskin, MAC Cosmetics and diptyque. Those are all good and well.


What stands out though, are the unique shops selling one of a kind curated items. Cursive is a great choice for paperweights, stationary and hand-sewn pouches. Devialet sells unique concert-power speakers that almost fit in the palm of your hand.


Grand Central Market

This market is your destination for unique food items. You’ll find a wide selection of fresh seafood, cheeses, spices, pastries, teas and more. You will forget you’re not in an open air market somewhere in Europe. Other shops sell non-food items as well.


The Dining Concourse

The restaurant selection changes from time to time. Expect foods ranging from different countries, as well as bakeries and deli shops. There are also popular places like Shake Shack.


One of my favorite places is Jacques Torres Ice Cream. I’ve honestly never tried their ice cream. I keep going back for their macarons that are delicious and so reasonably priced for NYC standards. The flavors change with the seasons. Two of my favorites are passion fruit and raspberry. Now, for one last stop, to one of my Grand Central Terminal favorites.

2022 Update: Jacques Torres is now located in the Lexington Passage. It is no longer in the Dining Concourse.

One Last Stop

PIQ Gifts is your destination for quintessential NYC gifts. They carry lots of unique items. Some are extremely unique to put it lightly. They also have a large selection of items from Japan. You can’t miss finding it. It’s the brightest store in the whole terminal.

2022 Update: PiQ Gifts is no longer located in Grand Central Terminal. They have other locations throughout N.Y.C.

The next time you are not running to catch a train, experience more of this historic station.


  1. Thank you Kelcy. I also never knew of the market. I was in Grand Central recently and didn’t know I missed the market. I look forward to visiting it when I travel to New York again. The Station is a wonderful place of itself. Now I know of something that adds to the intrigue.

  2. As many times as I have been to Times Square, I have never ever known about their Market. It does remind me so much of European markets I have been to. The next time I am there, I will definitely make sure I carve out time to visit this.

    Thank you for the awesome info!

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