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Your Ultimate List of Travel Tote Essentials

Get to know my Travel Tote Essentials. Let’s be nosy together.

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Travel Brochures

I love contacting the tourism board of any destination and requesting travel brochures. Online guides are great, but there is nothing like feeling actual brochures in your hand to get you excited for your trip.

Printed Itinerary

I’m old school. I need physical paper so I can write down all my travel notes. I include the places I want to visit as well as the items I plan on purchasing. This is also important in case my phone dies or gets lost. I would still have the hotel address and my flight numbers all at hand.


Isn’t this a given? Why pay $5 for a bag of chips at the airport. I choose snacks that can provide comfort on a stressful flight. You will see fruit snacks and/ or candy in my bag every time. I also hook my water bottle onto my tote to refill once I go through security.

Amenity kit

This is not one of my true travel tote essentials. However, this just makes it so much more fun to travel. It’s nice to collect these and use them for future flights.


If you’re not sure if your airline will provide one, see how I create my own in my “Make Economy Feel Like First Class” post.


Neck pillow

This is the only way I’m able to sleep. It just adds to the coziness factor, especially if it’s a long haul flight.

Eye mask

The lights are usually turned off during a long flight. I still choose to wear an eye mask since it shields my eyes from the light that seeps out when someone opens a bathroom door.

Water Bottle

Bring an empty water bottle and fill it after you have passed through security. I choose a Nalgene water bottle because I can easily latch it onto my bag.

Little Bits & Pieces

Notebook and Cute pen – to jot stuff down, but also for customs forms.
Boarding pass– so they’ll let me on the plane.
Phone– for obvious reasons. Tablet– for entertainment purposes. I love playing Mahjong during turbulence. It really calms me down. Passport– so they’ll let me on the plane if it’s an international flight.


Now I’m curious. What are your Travel Tote Essentials for when you travel?


  1. Kelcy,
    I love your suggestion about the eye mask..and the color for 2019..beautiful…
    Even though I’m a traveler always appreciate great reminders…
    I’m going to send for some brochures for my upcoming travels to Paris..
    Thanks again and keep blogging

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