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​Travel Items I’m Lusting Over

Beoplay H9I Headphones from Bang and Olufsen (B&O)

They are so darn pretty and come in an array of colors. I think the leather detailing is another thing that is really pulling me in. It just so happened that American Airlines liked them too. They will switch from Bose to Bang and Olufsen headphones on their first and business class international flights starting in 2019.

Windsor Backpack by Manfrotto

I’d be joking if I said I had enough camera equipment for this backpack. But I love the herringbone pattern. Don’t get me started about the cool design on the interior fabric.

Retreat Backpack by Herschel

This is more my speed. I have a similar backpack like this in brown that I took on a trip to Asia. It held everything and was pretty comfortable. My only gripe was that my bag looked so boring. I love color and this one comes in so many different colors and patterns.

Canon Camera

I need a new camera as my current one refuses to work consistently. I’ve purchased other equipment from Canon and am pretty sure my next camera will be a Canon. I prefer cameras with rechargeable batteries and they have a good variety of bridge cameras that offer this.

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