International Travel Checklist

International Travel Checklist

Any kind of travel requires preparation. This is especially true with international travel. Use my checklist below to help make things a little easier.

    • Check the country’s visa policy. There are some countries where you will need to purchase a visa to enter. This process can take some time.


    • Purchase your plane ticket. I love using Google Flights because it emails me when a particular flight is going up or down in price. You can also see how the flight has increased or decreased in price over a period of time. I also love Airline Equality to decide which airlines have the best reviews. Some tickets are really cheap, but it’s good to know a little about the airline as well. I talk more about this in my trip planning post.


    • Book your hotel. One of my favorite sites is Agoda. I have used them several times. There are lots of ways to narrow down your search, since, let’s be honest, hotel shopping can be very overwhelming.


    • Purchase Travel Insurance. I’ve used AIG a few times and they have been good. I needed to replace a damaged suitcase and I was reimbursed for the new one, no questions asked.


    • Make sure your passport is up to date. (Many countries require you to have at least 3 months until your expiration date, in case you have to stay in your destination longer than unexpected)


    • Photocopy your passport and email a copy to yourself. It doesn’t hurt to bring along a printed copy as well. Also email or give a copy to any friends traveling with you.


    • Leave your contact info and a copy of your passport with someone back home.


    • Purchase any items you will need for the trip to avoid last minute crazed Target runs.


    • Check with the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) to see if you need any vaccinations before your trip. This is not a good thing to do last minute. (I’m learning this the hard way right now.)


    • Call your bank to let them know your travel destination and dates so they won’t see your overseas activity as suspicious.


    • Book your airplane seat within 48 hours of departure if you haven’t done so already. Check out my airline guide post to choose the best place to sit.


I hope that these tips are helpful. Currently, I’m planning an international trip for later this month. More details on that to follow.

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