Photoshop Color Splash Effect

Photoshop Color Splash Effect

You may have seen so many photos where everything is black and white, except for one item in the photo. It seems like something too difficult to ever recreate yourself. Let me break it down for you into steps that anyone with minimal Photoshop experience can do.

Step 1

Duplicate the layer. This allows you to have a top and bottom layer of the same image.

Step 2

Adjust the image to a Black and White mode. Go to “Image” at the top. Then “Adjustments” and finally “Black & White”.

Step 3

Use the selection tool of your choice. This time, I used the “Magic Lasso” tool to make my selection. Select the item you’d like to be shown in color.

Step 4

Delete the selection. You’ve now deleted the selection from only the top layer. The below layer shows through and a color version of the item you’ve selected appears. It’s magic!

Step 5

Flatten the image to merge the layers.

Show off your new image!

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