New York International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show

Sunday ended the New York International Auto Show. After not having gone in a few years, it was nice to be back. I was especially looking forward to the new Honda Accord. Sit back and see some of the sights.

A very cool feature was the Toyota Camry Thrill Ride experience. It’s the chance to get a test drive (you are not the driver) in Toyota’s newest Camry. One of my friends who I attended the show has been a big fan of Toyota for many years and it was great to see how happy the Thrill Ride experience made him. As a loyal Honda fan, I was excited to see Honda’s competition for their new Accord. The experience was short and sweet. The drivers are very knowledgeable about all the latest features, which include multiple car cameras so you can see everything from every angle.

Camry Thrill Ride Experience
2019 Toyota Camry Interior

The first stop on the inside was the Lexus area. The Lexus featured had what was almost a flat grey color, but with a subtle sheen. It was beautiful. That would have to be one of my favorite cars at the show in terms of aesthetics.

2019 Lexus RC F 10th Anniversary Special Edition

After the Lexus area, I made a brief pass through the Mercedes-Benzs and onto the BMWs. The colors of some of the BMW were some I’d never seen on cars. Especially the M5s, which had the most creative colors. One of the M5s was even a V12, which I find completely unnecessary. But if you’re willing to spend that type of money, I’m sure gas mileage is not your top concern.

BMW i8


BMW m5 with carbon fiber roof

I had been anticipating how the new Honda Accord would be. The exterior had such a nice design so I was curious as to how the interior would be. Sad to say, it looked very basic. Maybe this was the result of sitting inside so many BMWs. I was not disappointed, but not overly impressed either.

2019 Honda Accord

The Alfa Romeo is an Italian car that was imported into the US in the 60s and 70s. Not many have been seen in the US for a few decades, until recently. It was a car owned by my father in the 70s and I was curious as to how the new models would stand up to the originals. Sad to say, I wasn’t impressed. With so many car manufacturers skimping on quality materials, it makes it easy to tell that things have changed. Just the plastic on the steering wheel looked and felt so cheap. We need to step it up Italian cars. The problem is that so many foreign cars are being made with low-quality domestic parts.

Alfa Romeo Stevlio

When it comes to exterior design, I will say I was most impressed with Toyota and Lexus, which  is made by Toyota. The exterior designs were fresh and new. The colors used on the BMWs were out of this world, especially the flat cherry M5. Those were my favorites from the show. Were you able to attend the show? What were your favorites?

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