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You Can’t Make Any Money with an Arts Degree

People you know may tell you that there isn’t any money to be made with an Arts Degree. They believe it’s best to stick to more stable industries such as Finance, Accounting and the Medical Field. Many of their reasons appear valid. According to them, certain fields will always be more relevant than others.  People are always trying to make and manage money. People are always getting sick. Here’s what I believe instead.

Think for a second about all the things those industries have in common. They need a way to communicate with people and encourage them to use their services. What is one primary way they do this?  Think about websites and television Ads. Even before websites and television came along, there were things like logos and business sets needed to get their brand across. Who produced these for them? Artists were the ones.

Think about the iconic logos you’ve grown up with. The ones on the breakfast cereal you ate, the soda you drank or the sneakers you wore. Everything was associated with a brand. And sometimes, probably a lot of times, you wanted things as a kid just because of the brand. You never once thought about the people behind the scenes creating that brand image.  Those people were making some serious money off of your everyday decisions. Do you think things have changed?

I don’t think so. Every industry in the global marketplace needs artists. We are the ones that bring the consumer to the business. The ones drawing the masses to the products they use every day of their lives. So, the next person who tells you that money cannot be made in the Arts, ask them, ‘What cereal did you eat for breakfast today? What type of car do you drive?’ Many times they were influenced by the PR of a particular brand. All thanks to the hard work of someone who pursued none other than an Arts Degree. If you’re still not convinced, Forbes, has an article that proves that arts degrees are just as employable as so-called “stable” degrees.

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